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Ruiz Brussain, C. (2018) Alan Moore: una vida dedicada al cómic y al arte mágico de la palabra. Pliego Suelto.


Ruiz Brussain, C. (2019) Ludic enquiry: Play-based methods applied to practice-based/led artistic research. Indisciplines: Conference on Research in Arts Practice, 64-76.


Ruiz Brussain, C. (2020). Hyperdream: A Play-based Creative Framework for Self-motivated Fantasy Authorial Illustration Practice. PhD. University of Northampton

Academic Posters:

Ruiz Brussain, C. (2017) Hyperdream: Increasing motivation, innovation and engagement with play-based approaches to fantasy authorial illustration. 8th Annual Research Student Conference, 23 June 2017, Faculty of Humanities and Education, Park Campus, University of Northampton

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